My research regarding the study of the subconscious began more than 25 years ago, which eventually became the catalyst for developing my hypnosis manual called, The Trance Zone. When I realized what I had developed I decided to use it as the basis for my hypnotherapy practice formed nearly fifteen years afterward. Through the benefits of guided imagery, positive suggestions and deepened hypnotic trance states, effective transformation becomes inevitable. The secret is to go into the subconscious, where the true source of all power rules - especially spiritual power.

The Trance Zone Hypnosis Manual

"Inspire the injured spirit and you can dissipate any    disorder, even disease." ~ EJL


I diagnose and treat many anxieties through hypnosis. Social Anxiety, OCD, and many others are treated carefully.


My technique brings awareness to the physical sensations and emotions associated with their attacks, such as chest pain and fear.


Depression can wear you down and make you feel empty inside. I treat depression by getting to the core of the issue.


Self Esteem can erode slowly due to many circumstances. My Hypnosis technique can help you regain your confidence by finding the core problem.


Insomnia can be hard to treat in conventional ways. My Hypnosis Technique helps many sleeping disorders with long term effects.


Many phobias such as fear of heights, clowns, commitment, and more, can be detrimental to your quality of life. I assist with finding the source of this fear.

Edward J Longo - ABH ACH RBT

Edward Longo is a Certified Hypnotherapist who provides Hypnotherapy Services for low self-esteem and disorders such as stress, smoking addiction and weight loss. Amazingly, through the process of advanced hypnotic states, empowerment becomes a most effective tool. When clients learn to incorporate the power of the subconscious mind, even their most desirable dreams seem to manifest as if By MAGIC. By engaging in this unique approach clients will realize their full potential and even experience somewhat miraculous transformations. Read More


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