Do you want to explore your past? Looking for answers about who you were and what your purpose is now? EDWARD J. LONGO       Works through the power of Hypnotherapy!


Considering your psyche works as a computer, think of your past lives as old, dormant corrupted programs that interfere with its’ running. Over time, these past life experiences can linger as “psychic thorns,” or wounds from the past.  Like undesirable files that cannot be deleted, they repeat in the deepest recesses of your psyche, depleting its resources, making the system slow down, even to the point of shutting down. During the process of past life regression the hypnotic trance acts as a scan, seeking and repairing those malfunctioning lives of the past in order to insure psychic performance.

However, looking at the bright side of the past life equation, there could be incidents that have transcended into special gifts, or ancestral inheritance. Since the spirit never dies, according to Einstein, there could be elements of the DNA, the primordial brain, or inherent genes that continue to remain, life after life, only to accumulate with the passage of time. Take the example of the eight years old boy who had developed the capability of playing Chopin, or Mozart on the piano without ever having had sufficient training.  Is this inherent capability ancestral, or is it spiritual? It is both.

In essence, we can either free ourselves from past life damage or, upon positive transformation, we could choose to enable freedom, and then empower it.




















As a professional hypnotherapist, I personally believe we can be born within a favorable birth, but then become tainted by growing up under the influence of a negative, social environment. I personally believe we can be born within a favorable birth, but then become tainted by growing up under the influence of a negative, social environment.  For example: When past life stories appear. it has been referred to as past life regression. However, regression therapy does not try and prove the truth of these stories and uses the rich metaphorical interpretation by the client to provide a powerful transpersonal experience for healing. When the source of the problem comes from traumatic memories regression therapy assists in memory transformation. Edward J. Longo ABH, CCH, RBT


To Quote the Buddha:

With the Heavenly Eye purified and beyond range of human vision, I saw how beings vanish and come to be again. I saw high and low, brilliant and insignificant, and how each attained, according to his Karma, a favorable or painful birth.


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